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A Generational Floridian

A Heart for Florida...
The Strength to get things done!

We must continue to push for lower taxes, less regulation, and a fully restored Bay County. State Representative Jay Trumbull has done a phenomenal job the last eight years, and I want to continue that good work standing up for our community and the values that have made the Panhandle the best region of Florida.”

Griff Griffitts
A Heart for Community Service

Griffitts, a third-generation Bay County resident, graduated in 1989 from Bay High School. He earned a political science degree in 1993 from Florida State University in Tallahassee.

Griffitts and his brother are co-owners of a home construction business after recently selling their hotel and hospitality business based in Panama City Beach. In his campaign announcement, he lauded his experience in private enterprise, which he said would help him stay connected to citizens, consumers, and small businesses.

On the Bay County Commission, Griffitts represents District 5, which encompasses all of Panama City Beach. He is also the immediate past chairman of the County Commission.

Griffitts served six years on the Panama City Beach Civil Service Board and nine years on the Bay County Planning Commission. He also currently serves on the Bay County Tourist Development Council.

Griff is a member of the Bay Medical Sacred Heart Board of Trustees and is also a member of the Florida State-Panama City Foundation Development Board. In addition, he has served as the Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce chairman and as a board member of the Bay County Chamber of Commerce.

He and his wife, Laura, have been married for 20 years and have two grown daughters, Katie and Anna Claire. In their spare time, Griff and Laura enjoy boating, golf, and surf fishing.

Values are the Core of a People

Griff Promotes Conservative Values!

Our Nation is under attack by leftist groups who seek to annihilate the nuclear family and the core values they represent. As a community, state, and nation, we must draw the line and say, “Not on Our Watch.” Federal Legislators seek to restrain state government and silence the voices, ideals, and values they have held dear to their hearts for centuries. This cannot happen!

If we are to secure future freedoms for our children and grandchildren, then we must act quickly to establish laws that will allow ALL citizens to practice what they believe and have confidence in their local and state governments.

I currently serve as Bay County Commissioner and for more than twenty years, I have acted as a civil servant for the good people of Bay County. I have served six years on the Panama City Beach Civil Service Board and nine years on the Bay County Planning Commission. I also currently serve on the Bay County Tourist Development Council. I understand what it takes to grow our economy, secure our freedoms, and navigate social health issues such as the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Every day when I kiss my wife goodbye and head out the door, there is one thing that is always at the forefront of my mind, “Today, I will make a difference for my constituents!.” That is what I do.

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