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We must continue to push for lower taxes, less regulation, and a fully restored Bay County. State Representative Jay Trumbull has done a phenomenal job the last eight years, and I want to continue that good work standing up for our community and the values that have made the Panhandle the best region of Florida.”

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Griff Griffitts

Conservative Leadership for State Representative District 6

on the issues

District 6 needs strong, conservative leadership in the Florida Legislature. Griff Griffitts will champion the issues that matter most to us and continue the good work of standing up for our community and the values that have made the Panhandle the best region in Florida. He understands the challenges facing Bay County families inside and out. Learn more about where Griff stands on the issues.

District 6 of Florida has faced many economic challenges during the COVID-19 outbreak, with small Mom and Pop shops taking the full impact of its effects. We must promote small business and provide these hallmarks of our economy with the tools they need to succeed.

The federal government is attacking the Families of Florida by constantly promoting an ethics system many of us do not agree with. In addition, liberal media and social media are silencing us, ostracizing us, and trying to disintegrate the relationships between children and parents.

If our economy is to truly grow, we must fight to lower taxes and government spending. We must create tax incentives that will allow for our citizens to enjoy a more prosperous life, empower small businesses to hire more people and improve services.

The federal government wants to strip state governments of their power to implement their own voting procedures and laws. This is nothing more than a power grab to ensure that the left takes control of the entire legislative process from local to state to federal levels. If you need an ID to buy a car, then you should need one to vote.

Florida offers the nation some of the most pristine beaches, fishing, and nature spots in the world. By promoting our tourism, we can begin again to financially recover from the past two years. Small Business in Florida depends very heavily on tourism dollars, and we must foster and grow this segment of our economy.

The federal government is trying to nationalize school curriculum from K-12 with ideologies that go against many of our values and beliefs. Starting at the state level, we must secure our children’s freedom to embrace their family heritage and traditions without fear of reprisal or punishment.

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